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[雪场信息] 2018.02.13新雪谷(二世谷)雪崩信息报告

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Niseko Avalanche Information
2018.02.13 Tuesday
author : ニセコ雪崩調査所
ニセコなだれ情報 第70号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.70
降雪推移から鉱山の沢全域、大沢雪庇面標高1100m、見返りボウル、東尾根奥など急斜面 の雪崩リスクは高い。立ち入り禁止区域春の滝や湯の沢のリスクも同様に高い。特に風の影響を受けて風紋ができたふきだまり斜面では注意。厚く破断する危険がある。ロープをくぐり入ってはならない。
Niseko base 5.00am: -12°, 30cm new snow. Moiwa 800m: -15.2°, WNW5.8m/s, 40cm new snow, snowdrift development. Annupuri 1150m: -17°, W15m/s, 50cm new snow, snowdrift development. Hirafu 1250m: -18°, 40cm new snow, snowdrift development. Coastal data: Benkei Cape: WNW16m/s. Kamui Cape: W14m/s, 1005hPa, wave 2.0m.
The isobars have moved apart a little, the wind has dropped and a lot of snow has fallen. Snowdrift growth is still increasing, development has not been consistent due to wind fluctuations and consolidation is delayed. From this mornings tests, fracture is occurring at 100cm on Feb 11th low pressure snowfall layer and general avalanche risk is high. Main gates will be closed.
From the snowfall transition all of Kozan no sawa, Osawa cornice face around 1100m, Mikaeri bowl and Higashi One steep slopes the avalanche risk is high. In strictly off limits areas Haru no Taki and Yunosawa the risk is also high. Pay special attention to slopes with wind ripples, there is risk of a deep fracture. Do not duck ropes to enter out of bounds areas.
The snow will settle down tomorrow. Best not to venture too far today, the snow is heavy and deep. Be careful falling down and suffocating. Snowboarders take snowshoes and poles. Skiing requires a bit of speed. Beware frostbite. Have a good day.

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